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Space Cadet


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Space Cadet

The Complete Collection – Class Comics

Byron was born with an unwavering sense of justice and a profound need to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Through scientific advances, Byron’s father has made him into a powerful super-human, capable of harnessing cosmic radiation and transforming it into incredible energy. Now as the heroic Space Cadet, Byron uses all the power at his disposal to keep his beloved Gateway City safe from evil.

This collection contains every story from his earliest battle with Jack The Stripper to the eve of his transformation into the all-new Naked Justice! Featuring stories written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, Space Cadet – The Complete Collection also features breathtaking artwork by other Class Comics artists such as David Cantero, Bob Grey, Leon de Leon, and Anthony Gonzales to name just a few.

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208 Seiten, Farbe, Klappenbroschur, 17 x 26 cm



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