Color Explosion 2018

Color Explosion 2018


Color Explosion 2018

The calendar matching the book! Color Explosion is the culmination of a project Mark Henderson has been thinking about and talking about and creating images for almost since his photography career began. Now for the first time, this condensed work is available as a wall calendar. Mark Henderson brings last century’s glorious style of nude photography into the present. Twelve months, twelve dream men.

The pictures are a striking counterpoint to the images we’ve seen before, which were photographs with an intentionally subtle palette of whites, grays, blacks, beiges, and the like. Here, dazzling color is the primary formal motif. The expressive power of color in art, and in photography especially, has long fascinated Henderson: “Color has an immediacy, a sensory quality that can elicit emotions and instantly draw the viewer into an image,” explains the photographer, a trained art historian himself.

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14 pages, full color, 16.5 x 12 inches, wire-o-binding